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For Parents

  • Our educational workshops are designed to provide a real-world approach that helps parents prepare for college while minimizing the stress of out-of-pocket college expenses. We will help educate parents on a myriad of topics including but not limited to the following:

    ♦ The financial aid process, including understanding the variety of loans, scholarships, grants, etc. that are available.

    ♦ Understanding the complexity of FAFSA forms.

    ♦ The different methodologies used to calculate financial aid (Federal vs. Institutional).

    ♦ Timeline of events and the completion of paperwork.

    ♦ Understanding Expected Family Contribution (EFC), how it is calculated and how it can be lowered.

    ♦ The importance of the SAT/ACT and differences between them and how they impact your situation.

    ♦ The means by which to develop the path to educational choices & financial aid options.

  • Our free no obligation consultations are designed to give you the privacy to discuss your unique situation with a college aid planner. We offer a thorough and comprehensive plan to actualize every opportunity available to families with college bound children, to meet their financial aid objectives while keeping their long term financial aid goals in place.

    Our consultations are designed to:

    ♦ Take a snap shot of the parents current financial aid situation as it relates specifically to College Planning.

    ♦ Determine the Assessed & Non-Assessed investment in your personal situation.

    ♦ Calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

    ♦ Review Federal Methodology vs. Institutional Methodology.

    ♦ Discuss strategies to potentially lower your EFC.

    ♦ Determine if there is a need for FAFSA Filing and a customized profile.

  • Financial Aid Concepts & Tuition Strategies is a participating financial partner of Sage Scholars. Whether you attend one of our workshops, or schedule a one-on-one consultation, you are eligible for 500 Sage Scholar Points that can be used at any of the 300+ participating SAGE schools. Learn how you can earn points on an annual basis and earn up to one full year of tuition reduction.

  • Most parents do not know how much the cost of college is for the individual institutions, how much they need to put away to cover the cost of college factoring in inflation. We develop a report that will allow you to compare the true cost of each college.