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Our Concept

The concept and ultimate institution of our company, Financial Aid Concepts & Tuition Strategies, was established after a decade of financial planning that laid bare the ever-increasing challenges of clients struggling with the skyrocketing costs of continuing education. Years of traditional means of saving for educational costs were profoundly impacted by an economy that quickly made many investments and savings deficient to meet the expenditures of university and collegiate institutions. Parents often found themselves unable to set aside sufficient funds to meet these burgeoning costs without delving into retirement funds or tapping Home Equity Lines of Credit. In addition, many parents found themselves in a situation where, not only did they not have enough money to meet costs without altering their current and long term personal and financial objectives, but had too much money to qualify for financial aid that would allow them to maintain these life long goals. A new approach was needed and Financial Aid Concepts & Tuition Strategies has grown from concept to reality.